News: Dr. Eric Monroe, Nicholas Laude, Christopher Atcherley Give Talks at BioPhest 2012

Dr. Eric Monroe presented work outlining some of his recent experiments in developing a new system for analyzing ligand/receptor structure dynamics.

Christopher W. Atcherley presented some of his recent work in increasing the sensitivity of neurotransmitter measurement using a technique called Delayed Timing Voltammetry developed in the Heien lab.

Nicholas Laude presented some of his recent work in the development of a high coloumetric efficiency electrochemical detection platform for capillary electrophoresis utilizing conducting polymer electrodes and multilayer photolithography.


News: Heien Lab has paper accepted into Analyst

Dr. Michael L. Heien and Richard F. Vreeland have published the Heien Lab’s first peer-reviewed publication along with our danish collaborators Simon T. Larsen and Dr. Rafael Taboryski at the Technical University of Denmark’s DTU Nanotech Laboratory. The publication investigates the use of PEDOT:Tosylate microelectrodes as a detector for transmitter molecules like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. The authors are the first to demonstrate the feasibility of using this material for this application. Congratulations!


DOI: 10.1039/C2AN16288A

News: The University of Arizona prepares to host the SWAP conference

On January 13th and 14th Dr. Michael Heien and Dr. Neal Armstrong will be hosting the 44th annual Society of Western Analytical Professors conference.

This SWAP conference is an excellent place for young professors to be introduced to the analytical academic community. This conference includes Assistant professors, senior graduate students, and post-docs who would like an opportunity to present their research and interact with their colleagues in an traditional chalk talk setting.

More information can be found here: